Live from the underground EP

by Revolting Puppets

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Recorded live in January 2017


released May 19, 2017

All Songs written and produced by Revolting Puppets


all rights reserved



Revolting Puppets Bern, Switzerland

We live underground.
We play in your town.
We shine in the dark.
We make you think.
We bring you music and art.
We are the enemies of the M-Pire.

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Track Name: Let my brain breathe
Let my brain breathe

Push the button TV on,
changing channel bring it on,
switch switch switch switch switch,
now you’re in control!
Dumb face, go away,
stupid fuck, have a try.
Sorry, you’ve been zapped,
you’ve been zapped, ‘cause I snapped.

Take the comp on my lap,
watching TV in the back,
check my mails on the phone
walk into a fishing trap.
Facebook, Facebook,
all my friends on Facebook!
Everybody’s online,
everybody’s is hooked!

It’s a media, media overkill,
It’s a media, can you feel the thrill?
It’s a media, media overkill,
can you feel the thrill, can you feel the thrill?

Letting my mind go,
letting my thoughts flow,
letting my brain brathe doing
absolutely nothing at all...
Track Name: The real thing
The real thing

Jimmy never dreamed of the real thing.
Jimmy always lived in the clouds.
Sophie had a house on a green hill.
Sophie never cheats on her own mind.

Jimmy never knew what he wanted to.
Jimmy always crashed with the plane.
Sophie had a clear view from where she lived.
Sophie never lies to her friends.

When it’s close to midnight,
they both watch the moon.
Thinking of their whole live
and what they could do.
Dreaming with an open mind,
not easy to do.
Dreaming of the real thing,
I wish I could that too.

Jimmy never knew why he felt alone.
Jimmy always wanted to be a star.
Sophie had more than she’ll ever need.
Sophie never nods when she disagrees.

Jimmy met her once on a Saturday.
Jimmy never thought she could be whit him.
Sophie saw the boy lived inside the man.
Sophie thought she’d give him a chance.
Track Name: Mess with me
Mess with me

Well you’ve been talking all night,
you’ve been talking all day.
You’ve been trying all the time
to make sense to me.
So I say: I wonna reason.
You say: you’ll explain.
But all you ever wonna do,
is giving me the blame. So I say

Baby, do you really wonna mess with me?
Cause I’ll talk you down, yes I’ll talk you down.
Baby, do you really wonna mess with me?
Without logic? Without reason?

You’re crying on the phone,
and you still don’t understand,
that all I ever wanted to
was giving you a hand.
So you wonna talk shit,
you wonna play games,
you get what you deserve,
right back in your face. So


Hey Baby,
What’s wrong with your head,
what’s wrong with your mind?
What did they do to you?
To make you so blind?
And now you’re crying cause you lost,
and you’re crying cause it cost the way
you look at yourself.
But instead of giving in,
you just keep on dropping in
a world full of hatred.
Track Name: Brainwash for my birthday
Brainwash for my birthday

Do your kids never do what you say?
Do they always get in your way?
Do they question your authority?
And do they complain when you give ‘em the blame?

They always know when you try to lie?
They always challenge you and they wonna know why?
So you don’t know what to de with them?
Well worry no more; we got the answer for you:

Brainwash - a solution for you
get ‘em brainwash and let ‘em think like you do.
First birthday - and now you know what to do:
Get ‘em brainwash and let ‘em think like you do.

Now let’s ask some of our customers here:
What is your experience with Brainwash?
Well, I’ve been using Brainwash on my kids since the day they where born.And it worked fantastic!
And how about you Sir?
Well I grew up with Brainwash myself! And now I use it on my kids! It’s the best decision I ever made! It’s a great product and it works well!

It’s dynamic and it’s organic.
It’s a worldwide hype and a stereotype.
It’s so dynamic and it’s organic.
It’s a worldwide cure and it works for sure!

You can have it for yourself today!
You can make your kids do anything you say!
From the past to the present day:
Millions of millions got raised this way.


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